Silicone Basics

What is silicone?

Silicone​ is a class of synthetic materials​ that are polymers with a chemical structure based on chains of alternate silicon and oxygen atoms. They are generally used to make rubber, plastics, polishes, and lubricants.

Different​ types of silicone.
– Silicone Oil
– Silicone​ Rubber
– Silicone Grease
– Silicone​ Resin

Our Materials

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GT-6429​ Silicone Putty
GT Products©​ 6249 is an addition cure (platinum catalyzed) system. As such, it can be heat accelerated and is subject to inhibition/poisoning by the usual factors which​ include​ (but are not limited to) sulfur,​ sulfur compounds​ and amines.
While​ GT-6249 can be mixed with clean dry hands (use your palms not your fingers)​ we recommend​ coating your hands with a slight amount​ of​ mineral oil or petroleum​ jelly.
Typical properties: cured 1:1 at room temperature (overnight–15-24 hrs) and​ 625 psi.

  • tensile > 120 psi
  • elongation > 270%
  • tear​ > 30 pli
  • durometer (A) 25

GT-6250​ Silicone Putty

– GT​ Products©​ 6250​ is an addition cure (platinum catalyzed) system. As such, it can​ be heat​ accelerated​ and is subject to inhibition/poisoning​ by the usual factors which include (but​ are not limited to) sulfur, sulfur compounds and amines.
While​ GT-6250 can​ be mixed with clean​ dry​ hands (use your palms not your fingers) we recommend coating your​ hands with​ a slight amount​ of mineral​ oil​ or petroleum​ jelly.
Typical​ properties: cured 1:1​ at​ room temperature (overnight – 15-24 hrs) and​ 625 psi

  • tensile​ > 190 psi
  • elongation​ > 180%
  • tear​ > 35 pli
  • durometer​ (A) 35