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CA-5275 Fast Catalyst


GT Products  CA-5275 is a room temperature curing silicone rubber catalyst designed to accelerate the cure of GT Products GT-5092, and GT-6142. GT Products CA-5275 is formulated to be used in  a 10:1 ratio by weight.  Over catalyzing can cause the cured material to become brittle so care must be taken to make sure this catalyst is being used with the correct ratio.  CA-5275 is a condensation or Tin Catalyst system.  It will cure in contact with most clean dry surfaces.  GT Products condensation mold making systems will cure in contact with  materials such as butyl and chlorinated rubbers, sulfur containing materials, amines and other condensation  RTV silicones which would inhibit the cure of addition cure systems.

CA-5275 Fast Catalyst Data Sheet

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