Easy Knead & Cast Silicone Putty

GT Product- Portfolio putty sample

Easy Knead & Cast silicone putty is easy to use a product that can be used to create detailed silicone molds.  GT Products silicone putties can be used in a variety of applications.  Applications include hearing protection, horseshoeing, furniture repair, jewelry making, texture stamping as well as many other hobbyist applications. A variety of items can be cast into molds created with Easy Knead & Cast silicone putty molds including epoxy resins, urethane resins, clays, and soap.  Easy Knead & Cast silicone putty provides an easy, nontoxic material to create highly detailed molds with little to no experience.

Easy knead & cast putty is easy to use.  Simply knead 2 equal masses of the A and B components together until the material is a consistent color.  Then apply the mixed putty to the surface or piece that you are wanting to duplicate by pressing the silicone putty into the details.  Minutes later you will have a mold suitable to replicate your piece or texture.

Our silicone putty is available in 3 different hardness including 25 Shore A, 35 Shore A, and the hardest 50 Shore A.  The hardness you select is strictly based on personal preference.

If you would like help in selecting which material might be right for you then please contact us anytime at (800) 221-0866 or through the contact page on this web site.

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