Silicone One Part RTVs

GT Products silicone caulking can be used to meet a variety of sealing needs. It cures to silicone rubber and will adhere to a variety of substrates including glass, wood, metal, porcelain, ceramic, and painted surfaces.

GT Products offers a few options to meet your specific needs. GT-3100 is a neutral cure, non-odor system. GT-3100 silicone caulking is non corrosive to metal and is also suitable for concrete, stone, and marble. GT-3100 is currently available in Clear, White, and Sahara Cream. GT-2100 is an acetoxy system. It can be used as an adhesive as well as in many industrial sealing applications. GT-2100 will also have excellent adhesion properties. It will work well against glass, metal, wood, porcelain, and painted surfaces. GT-2100 is available clear, aluminum, black and high temperature Red. GT-2100 Red will withstand temperatures up to 500 F constantly with the ability to withstand up to 600 F intermittently.

All GT Products sealants will cure to a tough elastomer when exposed to moisture. These sealants will remain flexible and will not crack or harden. GT-2100 and GT-3100 feature excellent resistance to heat, cold, water, ozone, and ultra-violet rays. Each system can be used on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces without sagging. Because of each sealants remarkable adhesion properties, a primer is not necessary.

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