Silicone Rubber - Platinum (Addition Cure)

Addition Cure or Platinum based silicone systems are used when high tolerances are necessary or when multiple molded pieces must fit together. Addition cure mold making systems are used in these applications because the shrinkage of the silicone will be minimal. The cure rate of an addition cure system can also be accelerated with the addition of slight heat. As little as 100oF can accelerate the cure rate dramatically. Demold times with the addition of heat will depend on the cross section thickness of the mold you are making.

Many types of materials can be cast into addition cure molds. These items consist of urethane elastomers and rigid urethanes, pourable foams, epoxy resins, wax as well as water clear urethanes.

GT Products produces several addition cure systems that are being used for special effects as well. These materials are fast setting and ultra-soft to replicate the feel of skin. GT Products silicone putties are also ideal for furniture repair and quick mold making projects. GT Products mold making systems are used for some many applications besides mold making is it difficult to name them. With the wide range of durometers and speeds you will be able to find a system that will meet your needs.

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