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  • New Products

    Introducing GT Products Clear Cast Water Clear silicone.  This Clear Cast silicone is an economical option for artist.  Use Clear Cast silicone for dioramas, floral design, and taxidermy applications.  This silicone system is low viscosity and an easy 1:1 ratio making Clear Cast silicone easy to use. Call or email with questions and to receive more information.
  • Premium Silicone Roof Coating system

    NEW PRICING:  All GT Products roof coating is produced and shipped from our manufacturing plant and warehouse in Grapevine, Texas.  No middle man, no big box store mark ups.  Buy direct and save big.  There will be a 15% markup on all orders less than 20 5-gallon pails but still huge savings.  Call us today to place your order.  Roof coating is in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the United States today. GT Products Silicone Roof Coating is a high solids, single component moisture cure silicone system.  This roof coating contains 100% silicone…
  • Silicone Rubber - Tin (Condensation Cure)

    Condensation Cure or Tin Based silicone systems are popular with sculptors, hobbyist, foundries, and artist because they can be used against any type of clay without fear of inhibition. GT Products condensation systems are extremely versatile. Using any of the tin based premium systems you will have a mold making material with low viscosity that will allow for easy pouring as well as high strength. If you do not need a high strength system you might want to consider a standard or low cost system. Our standard or mid-grade GT-6142 has become increasingly popular over…
  • Silicone Rubber - Platinum (Addition Cure)

    Addition Cure or Platinum based silicone systems are used when high tolerances are necessary or when multiple molded pieces must fit together. Addition cure mold making systems are used in these applications because the shrinkage of the silicone will be minimal. The cure rate of an addition cure system can also be accelerated with the addition of slight heat. As little as 100oF can accelerate the cure rate dramatically. Demold times with the addition of heat will depend on the cross section thickness of the mold you are making. Many types of materials can be…
  • Silicone Super Soft - Platinum Only

    GT Products produces many silicone systems within the "OO" "OOO" and sponge durometer range. The incredibly soft materials can be used to duplicate the feel of human skin or simply supply that hard to find soft feel. GT Products super soft materials have been used for many years to manufacture medical teaching aids and human models or mannequins.
  • Easy Knead & Cast Silicone Putty

    Easy Knead & Cast silicone putty is easy to use a product that can be used to create detailed silicone molds.  GT Products silicone putties can be used in a variety of applications.  Applications include hearing protection, horseshoeing, furniture repair, jewelry making, texture stamping as well as many other hobbyist applications. A variety of items can be cast into molds created with Easy Knead & Cast silicone putty molds including epoxy resins, urethane resins, clays, and soap.  Easy Knead & Cast silicone putty provides an easy, nontoxic material to create highly detailed molds with little…
  • Silicone Fluids

    A silicone oil is any liquid polymerized siloxane with organic side chains. The most important member is polydimethylsiloxane. These polymers are of commercial interest because of their relatively high thermal stability and their lubricating properties. Silicone fluids are characterized by a very high thermal and thermooxidative resistance and have excellent resistance to temperatures from -60 to +300°C. Silicone fluids are also much for stable than organic polymers toward electromagnetic and particle radiation (UV, alpha, beta and gamma radiation). Moreover, silicone fluids are characterized by very low volatility, excellent shearing resistance, low surface tension and very…
  • Silicone Architectural Coatings

    DESCRIPTION: Marble Guard is an excellent GREEN low VOC solvent based sealer formulated to protect and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed natural marble. It rejuvenates the color and improves the appearance of worn and weathered marble. An invisible barrier is formed that resists water, grease, oil, stains, and dirt. Allows moisture-vapor transmission. USES: Use on unsealed marble, granite, and slate. Effective for interior and exterior applications. Works on most porous architectural substrates. COVERAGE: Coverage will vary depending on type of stone, porosity and texture of surface absorption, temperature, humidity, and method of application.…
  • Silicone Emulsions

    Silicone Emulsions Silicone emulsions are inert, heat stable, non-toxic products which suit many industrial applications where lubrication, gloss, antistatic, protective and release properties are advantageous. Silicone emulsions can be divided into three groups depending on the type of emulsifier system used - they can be: anionic, cationic and non-ionic. Most emulsions are non-ionic as they are compatible with either of the other two systems but depending on the application, cationic or anionic emulsions can be chosen. The viscosity and physical characteristics can be altered by using different viscosity base polymers. High percentage solids versions can…
  • Silicone Anti Grafitti

    GT Products anti-graffiti protective coating is a clear, semi-gloss, permanent one coat silicone anti-graffiti protective coating. Our anti-graffiti coats are suitable for use over concrete, brick, stone, wood, fiberglass and pre-existing coatings. This single component, room temperature, moisture cure silicone products provide excellent durability and long service life. Intended for use over properly prepared concrete surface. Excellent cleanability with either water power-washing, or solvent wipe. • UV resistance • Excellent adhesion • Low VOC • Fast drying • Outstanding airless spray properties • Single component
  • Silicone Roller Compounds

    Silicone rolls are beneficial due to heat resistance and self release qualities that are inherent with silicone. GT Products provides several highly versatile compounds that are perfect for the roller industry.
  • Silicone Adhesives

    Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are widely used in pressure-sensitive tapes and labels when application conditions or the nature of substrate surfaces surpass the performance boundaries of organic-based PSAs. Since the year 2000, there has been continuing interest in and pursuit of new uses for silicone PSAs, especially in applications such as medical and industrial tapes. Driven by needs for regulatory compliance and changing performance requirements, silicone PSAs based on new silicone chemistry and cure mechanisms have also emerged. This paper reviews significant advances that have occurred over the past decade in the field of silicone…
  • Silicone Textiles Coatings

    GT Products silicone coatings are an excellent choice for coating textiles because they easy to process and provide high performance features and outstanding durability. GT Products coatings are specifically designed to optimized interaction between the textile and the coating material. Silicone coated fiberglass fabrics are made from woven fiberglass substrates that have been coated on one or both sides with silicone rubber. GT Products materials offers dimensional stability, durability, and excellent tensile strength.
  • Silicone Anti Foam/Defoamers

    A defoamer or an anti-foaming agent is a chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. The terms anti-foam agent and defoamer are often used interchangeably.
  • Silicone Heat Cure Rubber Catalyst

    HCR Silicones also have the benefit of being dimensionally stable with very low to no shrinkage. Since it is a gum rubber you can actually sculpt your piece directly into the silicone itself. HCR's also bond well to most substrates making it a great laminate, it also has a long 6 hour working time in an optimal 65°F work space. HCR silicones must be heated to reach full cure. Parts A & B are a series of two-part platinum-catalyzed silicone elastomers. Each elastomer is supplied as a two-part kit (Part A & Part B), equal…
  • Silicone Pigments

    GT Products silicone pigments can be mixed using ½% to 3% with tin or platinum cure silicone systems. GT Products silicone pigments are great for adding color to silicone products. They are highly concentrated pigments and a small amount of goes a long way.
  • Special Effects

    Coming Soon!!!  Pigments, life cast materials, and easy break silicone glass
  • Accessories

    GT Products offers a few accessories to compliment the silicone systems that we produce including release agents and rigid urethanes.