We are excited to show more examples of the many applications for GT Products silicones. The lab went crazy with creativity again. The versatility of GT Products silicones is amazing and can only be limited by your imagination. The items shown above were made with a variety of our products to show the true versatility. The drinks were all made with our new Faux 2O while the “floating objects” were made with Easy Knead and Cast silicone putty. The finger was a lot of fun. First a cast was made of a finger using our fast setting Easy Knead and Cast putty and then cast with our GT6757 which duplicates the feel of skin. After the finger was made it was laid on a bed of our brand new Cut-less Glass. Cut-less glass was designed to shatter and have the appearance of broken glass. Lets have some fun. Call us with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more photos of our materials in action and again Happy Halloween from GT Products.