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Custom Formulations

GT Products is known for our custom formulations. If you are looking for a specialized product please do not hesitate to ask. Depending on the product in most cases we can develop a new product in a matter of days or weeks while most other companies require months. The GT Products lab is constantly working on new materials and most are at the request of existing or potential new customers.


GT Products proudly introduces a new line of mold making materials.

GT Products is happy to announce the release of three new Platinum mold making systems known as  GT-40P, GT-50P, and GT-60P.  These mid-range to high durometer systems are some of the strongest, most resilient systems on the market today.  These new materials are wonderful additions to the GT Products mold making line.  The technical data sheets can be found under the “Our Products” tab,  then click on “New Materials”.  Call us today to request more information and a sample.